Jesus Tweezers

Hi there! My name is Scott Bignell, the author of this blog. Studying Judeo-Christian Origins has been a passionate hobby of mine for the better part of a decade. The Jesus Tweezers blog is designed to give myself an online space to publish my thoughts as I pick away at anything and everything related to Judeo-Christian Origins.

I anticipate blogging regularly on topics such as:

* The Historical Jesus of Nazareth
* The Historical Paul of Tarsus
* The New Testament and related non-canonical Christian materials
* The Old Testament and related non-canonical Jewish materials
* 2nd Temple Judaism
* Early Church Fathers
* The Evolution and growth of Christianity in its early centuries
* Reflecting on, reviewing, and refuting recent publications in the field
* Biblical archaeology
* Textual Criticism
* Responding to Christian apologetics
* Atheism vs. Theism

I hope you enjoy reading my rants!